5 Cool Gaming Chair Deals

If you are a gamer that sits on the sofa or even the floor and have decided you have had enough of being uncomfortable, then now is the time to move on. Break the norm and get yourself a gaming chair, there are thousands to choose from so we have decided to give you our 5 cool gaming chair deals from online stores such as Amazon and Argos.

When it comes to gaming it is paramount you are in a nice relaxed position so that a bad back and stiff neck does not ruin your ability at becoming the best. Just imagine sitting there for like 4 hours playing Call of Duty Black Ops 3 Zombies in front of the TV on a sofa, a little twisted and not in the straight-forward position at the right height for the TV.

With a gaming chair these offer all sorts of benefits, such as adjustable height, some come with speakers and some are just for pure comfort. So, no matter if you are playing on the Xbox One, 360, PS3, PS4 or the PC these chairs will offer you the comfort you need. Anyway, here are our best 5 gaming chair deals –

First up is the ‘X Rocker X Pedestal Gaming Chair’, which has been put in the luxury category, its main features include pedestal swivel base with adjustable tilt mechanism and 2.1 stereo sound and stunning bass from the sub-woofer. This one is normally priced at £129.99, but thanks to a £46 saving you can buy for only £83.99 via Argos.

5 Cool Gaming Chair Deals pic 2

Next up is also from Argos and is the ‘X Rocker 2.1 Floor Rocker Gaming Chair’, this one comes in black and features awesome audio sounds thanks to the subwoofer and separately-controllable vibration motors with two speakers, Bluetooth, USB port to charge devices. This one was £109.99 but is now £79.99.

You can now save £10 on the ‘X-Rocker Bluetooth Pedestal Gaming Chair’, now priced at £139.99. Main features include Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, 2.1 audio system and comes with arms as well as being mounted on a pedestal with swivel action.

The other two gaming chairs are via Amazon UK and these include the ‘Ice Console Chair with Stool’ priced at £165, the original price was £249 but there is a great saving of £84. The 5th and final chair is the “Homcom Racing Gaming Sports Chair’, which has been designed with luxury in mind. Comes with adjustable height, arms bit no speakers etc, this is for pure comfort only.

  • Clive

    These deals have now ended.

  • Jesse

    Hello Everyone. I bought this chair and it held up great but one day something happened and now it can tilt side to side and almost seems like it’s loose. has anyone else had this problem?

  • Martin

    Get the new RC-3 Foldable Gaming Chair at Game UK for only £47.99.

  • Lucy

    Are there any bean bag gaming chairs with speakers inside them? I have seen plenty of bags buy not ones with built-in speakers etc.

  • Harry

    I know it does not come with speakers but the Ice Console Chair with Stool is my fave, looks stunning and I have surround sound anyway so no need for the 2 speakers and sub woofer.