Apple UK Black Friday 2020 Deals

When it comes to the big Apple UK Store Black Friday sale as well as the Cyber Monday deals, you do not really see prices go down a great deal. Especially when they have just released a new iPad and iPhone predominantly in September, which is only a month before the biggest sale of the year.

We do recommend you visiting the Apple UK Store to the right because when the Black Friday sale begins you will still see many products with lower than normal prices, just not as much as a drop as other online retailers. Other readers and us will still list Apple deals when they arrive.

Apple products even though rare do go on sale direct from the Apple Store, but its well worth considering other online retailers selling say the iPad, iPhone, Mac Air / Pro, iMac and many other Apple items. Retailers such as Amazon, Fry’s Electronics, Best Buy, Staples or MacMall etc are very good to bookmark because they offer Apple gear with a better price cut.

Apple UK Black Friday Deals Incoming:

Apple Black Friday insight for 2020

If deals and ads have been revealed, then reports will be below.

Seen Apple sales? Share details with Black Friday UK readers:

  • Tina

    To be honest it is better if we just went on over to Amazon for Apple deals, they will be much more better than Apple’s online shop.

  • Simon

    I know Apple joins in on the Black Friday sales, but it would be good for them to make a change this year and give us good deals on their iPhones.

  • Daniel

    Apple normally takes part in some sort of deal event during Black Friday, but normally they offer gift cards. But, will they this year offer discounts on Apple products!!

  • Suzanne

    Apple has yet to confirm if they are taking part this year, but of the last two years are anything to go by then Apple will NOT be holding a Black Friday sale.

  • Peter

    The iPhone 8 launch tonight is going to be exciting, but on your nelly will i pay around £800 for a phone.

  • James

    The Apple iPhone Keynote is on today at 6pm UK time, what are you expecting?

  • Carl

    Just a shame that Apple never put new products on the Black Friday sales page. Just imagine getting a new iPhone 8 on the cheap lol.

  • Maria

    Black Friday this year will start on Friday 24 November and I will be right here watching this page for deal updates.

  • Jim

    When is Apple here in the UK going to have a great sales day? It would be good to see some amazing deals on products and I do not mean refurbished gear either.

  • Colleen

    Actually now I have seen the one-day gifts Black Friday Apple sale my friend just asked me if they will be doing any Cyber Monday deals. I have searched the net and nothing is coming up, please do notify me when and if they do.

  • Alison

    If you buy an iPhoene you can get an Apple gift card woth up to £40. These include the iPhone SE, 6s and 6s Plus. They are also giving gift cards worth up to £80 on selected iPad and £20 gift card when buying an Apple Watch. It gets more when you buy a selected Mac and when you do so you will get a £120 gift card. £20 for Apple TV

  • Vicky

    The Apple One-Day Shopping Event is now on, today is Black Friday and Apple is giving its customers a gift card worth up to £120 with purchases on selected Apple gifts.

  • Jimmy

    The Black Friday one day sale page that is now live is saying ‘Holiday Gifts’ and it shows a big white strapped Apple Watch, please tell me this is one of the products they will slash the price on?

  • Marcus

    I will be very much looking out for iPhone 7 Black Friday 2016 deals.

  • Taylor

    Apple are so like holding back when it comes to the Black Friday sales. They never let anyone know what they are doing until the last minute like they are a secret organisation.

  • Craig

    Black Friday for Apple UK is going to be something special, I can feel it in my waters. 2015 was huge so 2016 will be better, its common knowledge. I am so looking out for Apple Watch deals as well as a new iPad Mini would be great. Back in 2015 the iPad Mini 2 was just £189.99 instead of £219 on eBays store.

  • Michael

    I questioned my phone contract at O2 via the online O2 chat box on its website and came out with a great deal. I got unlimited texts and minutes plus 2GB data. As well as a brand new iPhone 6s 64GB all-in for just £41. I thought this was a great deal.

  • Freddie

    This is cool, get a 2 meter Apple Lightening USB cable from Amazon for just £6.79, the price has dropped from just under £25. This is of course non retail packaging.

  • William

    Well that is rather annoying, so upset they are not taking part. So where do I shop for Black Friday deals now for apple products?

  • Chris

    Apple will have deals but go visit Wowcher and buy the 13″ Apple MacBook 80GB for only £179 instead of £389.01.

  • Dan

    I am yet to see Apple give what we could really cool a good Black Friday or Thanksgiving deal, yes we will see a discount but don’t expect more than 10 percent, which is a lot for Apple.

  • Alda

    The best place to get Apple products on the cheap is Amazon, but obviously you will not get the latest gear such as iPhone 6s or 6s Plus.

  • Koreen

    What date is Apple Black Friday in the UK going to start, would love to know dates and time please?