Broadband deals

One Friday after Thanksgiving and here in the UK you will see some amazing broadband deals, if you think you are ready for Black Friday here in the UK think again because we will have all the best deals from Internet service providers such as BT, Sky, TalkTalk, uSwitch, Virgin, Tesco, Vodafone and more.

Broadband prices will be slashed offering you the customer new deals to get you on board, and Black Friday broadband offers are normally directed at new customers so that they will join them. Black Friday is now a massive part of the UK and customer looking for 15 Mb or more will be happy to learn BFUK has your back.

Back in 2014 Plusnet joined in the Black Friday event by offering 12 months free broadband and a £75 Amazon voucher. Let’s see if any provider can offer a better deal this year. If you see any type of broadband deal please help us and other by listing them within the comments below, thank you.

  • Mike

    The BT Broadband deals are very good indeed because they are letting you add BT SPORT for FREE.

  • Glenda

    BT have started its Black Friday deals, their page is now live and runnung. They have many deals and the three good BT Broadband deals, the one I like the most is the Unlimited Infinity 1 package where you are getting 52Mb instead of 28Mb thanks to them offering more and all at £27.99 per month. This deal ends in 6 days time.

  • Mary

    So, what are the BT broadband deals for existing customers? They always offer new customers all the best offers and freebies but what about us who have been with you for year!!!!!!

  • Siuan

    You can get bt business broadband for only £10 per month and with this you get free unlimited BT WiFi access, 10 inclusive email addresses and 24/7 technical support. Just search for BT Business Broadband and away you go.

  • Seb

    The BT Black Friday Spectacular has started and there are some cool broadband deals on right now. Such as unlimted broadband from £5 per month, or Unlimited BT Infinity 1 + Weekend Calls with free sports package for £10 a month.

  • Andrew

    Plusnet is offering up to 17Mb speed with unlimited downloads on an 18 month contract for £2.50 for 18 months plus £16.99 line rental. Online only.

  • Bridgette

    I am looking for an alternative internet supplier because i think talk talk customer service and its service is not really what i was looking for. Especially when playing games on my PS4 online.

  • Ia

    This si a good deal to consider whilst you wait. Take out an 18 Month contract with Virgin Media and save £12 with the 50Mb broadband and weekend calls package. Its only £4.99 per month then after 9 months it goes to £17.50.

  • Alexandra

    You can now get the Plusnet 18 month contract with 17Mb max speed with unlimited data for free, after the 18 months it will be £9.99 per month.

  • Mark

    I am with Virgin Media and I will have to ring them up soon because I feel I can get a better service than they are already providing, I am located in Bristol, UK and only currently getting 30MB, because I am wireless the Internet is very slow sometimes, I do not particularly want to be wired in this day and age.