Car deals

There are only 2 months of the year where car sales rise more than any other month, and this happens in November and December starting with the Black Friday UK sales. Automakers use this event date as a massive promotional gift for its customers, names such as Ford, Kia, Vauxhall, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and more will hopefully be getting in on the act, and when they do all offers and deals will be shown right here on BFUK.

There are millions of car shoppers in the UK and not everyone will find what they are looking for online, so hopefully between the BFUK community and us there will be plenty to choose from below. Car deals could consist of £500 or more off, you have to remember the UK is new to Black Friday so dealers and online retailers will gradually be coming on board and when they do we will list all they have.

What type of car deal would you like during the Black Friday sales event? Please let us know what make and model car you are after as well. Hopefully money off, deals on cash back or part exchange and much more will start to roll up.