Car deals

There are only 2 months of the year where car sales rise more than any other month, and this happens in November and December starting with the Black Friday UK sales. Automakers use this event date as a massive promotional gift for its customers, names such as Ford, Kia, Vauxhall, Toyota, BMW, Mercedes and more will hopefully be getting in on the act, and when they do all offers and deals will be shown right here on BFUK.

There are millions of car shoppers in the UK and not everyone will find what they are looking for online, so hopefully between the BFUK community and us there will be plenty to choose from below. Car deals could consist of £500 or more off, you have to remember the UK is new to Black Friday so dealers and online retailers will gradually be coming on board and when they do we will list all they have.

What type of car deal would you like during the Black Friday sales event? Please let us know what make and model car you are after as well. Hopefully money off, deals on cash back or part exchange and much more will start to roll up.

  • Marcus

    The Renault Black Friday Event is now on until November 30th, you can get up to £2,500 off selected vehicles. All you need to do next is find a dealer.

  • Stevie

    The Ford Black friday Upgrade Event runs from November 25th until the 28th. All you need to do is visit you local dealers between these dates and you could save up to £4,250. If you have any car that is 4 years or older you could get up to £2,500 of a new Fiesta or up to £4,250 of a Kuga or Focus.

  • Jamie

    The Ford Black Friday ad is all over Facebook, this looks good go and search for it.

  • Kevin

    The The SUV Event Be confident in any situation 28th October – 13th November, which is good, are there going to be any special VW Black Friday UK sale this year?

  • Malcom

    Kia is offering its customers £1000 off when they take a test drive, no customer deposit is needed either on their cars.

  • Mark

    If you head on over to Vauxhall UK website and then click on the Adam S you will see a pop up right now where you can get £250 off an Adam S on top of any other offer. You will be sent a viucher to your email and must use before December 31. You can buy this new car with up to 5 years flexible finance 0% APR – 14i 150PS Turbo S/S at £229 per month with a £4,999 deposit over 60 months

  • Simon

    I am after a Fiat 500 1.2 – 3 door Lounge Hatchback for my wife and was wondering if anyone has a fantastic deal. Dealers / Trade only as want warranty etc.

  • Michael

    Motorpoint deal of the day is the BMW 320d M Sport estate business meda for only £20,499, apparently there is a £13,666 saving. They are also offering a same day drive away on this vehicle.

  • Albert

    Are Mercedes in the UK doing Black Friday this year?

  • Scott

    I really wold like a Vauxhall Corsa new model, I am so hoping the dealers around Wales will have some good offers on Black Friday week.

  • Craig

    Through one mistake I have bad credit, I have tried so many times to get a car on finance but finding hard. All this because I feel behind on loan payment as I fell out of work for 6 months. How can I get a car this coming Black Friday event cheaply and on finance, surely there is a way?