Deals for Furby Connect

Get ready, here is where you will find the best deals for the Furby Connect during Black Friday here in the UK. A Furby Connect sells at just under the £50 mark, but when BFUK sale commences you may see these go on sale a little if not a lot cheaper than retail. But these interactive toys are very popular indeed so we know for sure they will sell out fast as soon as stock is made available.

The Furby Connect is a great interactive toy for ages 6+, which comes with over 150 animations, Furbish language, allows its users to use the Furby Connect World app as well as Bluetooth to connect a mobile phone. The app itself comes with music, videos and more. Remember to tickle, pet and shake the Furby. These little creatures come in many colours such as blue, pink teal and purple etc.

Please do report below if you find any great Furby Connect Black Friday deal, comment with the name of the store and price, thank you