Deals for Transformers toys

Filming will begin on the new Transformers 5 movie in 2016, which has been confirmed to star Mark Wahlberg and when this releases into cinemas around the UK you can bet toys will sell very fast indeed. This is why we are dedicating this page to the best Black Friday UK deals for Transformers toys.

The latest movie was Transformers Age Of Extinction, and yes the robots in disguise will come in all shapes and forms this shopping season. There are two forms of Transformers and these are the Autobots who save the world and the Decepticons who try to ruin it.

The most popular Transformers toy figures include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Dinobot Slug and Sandstorm, there are so many more and we will list them below. There will be a number of toy price points form different online retailers. Watch out for items such as Transformers Prime Beast Hunters, Transformers A3741E350 Construct-Bots Ultimate Battle Pack and many more.