EE UK Black Friday 2020 Deals

The Black Friday event is getting very big in the UK and as the years progress performance from stores will shine, unlike last year. With a possible sales growth expected to be around 400% for the whole of UK, businesses are capitalising and making better. EE UK will be releasing its Black Friday deals late November and they are hoping to be prepared for the traffic this year.

The EE UK Black Friday deals will be much better each year and retailers are very ready this year to provide its customers with Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts, and EE UK are right up there with the rest. When the deals release you will see on this page all the brand names and offers up for grabs. This is the busiest shopping weekend of the year and you really should be ready and waiting. Share this page with friends and family and bookmark so you are ready.

EE UK Black Friday Deals Incoming:

The EE UK Black Friday hub can be found at their dedicated page.

EE UK Black Friday insight for 2020

If deals and ads have been revealed, then reports will be below.

Seen EE UK sales? Share details with Black Friday UK readers:

  • Belinda

    This year they say they are making sure they have even more phones, tablets, broadband, sim only and tv deals.

  • Bobs

    Black Friday 2018 starts November 23 this year for EE.

  • Jules

    I am super excited because EE are getting ready for its Black Friday sale, they have confirmed they are taking part again.

  • Alexandro

    They have so many deals going on thanks to Black Friday page going live. iPhone 6S from £35 per month save £200 on a contract iPad Air 2 or Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and much more.

  • David

    There are many deals on the Pexel phone by Google, when you get this on contract you get a free Daydream VR Headset and free delivery.

  • Susan

    The EE Black Friday deals have gone live and they have some cool deals going on. The two top ones they are showing is a free smartphone called the Alcatel Pixi 4 with Android 6.0 OS, this is free when bought with £20 top up. The other deal is the 20GB SIM Only deal at £19.99, this apprently savedyou £180, it was £34 a month but is not only £19.99.

  • Jerry

    Does anyone know what EE UK will be offering its customers during the Black Friday sale?

  • Grace

    I see that EE UK will be having a range of mobile phone deals as well as tablets and SIM-Only exclusive discounts.

  • Mark

    EE UK have made it official that they are coming back this year to take part in Black Friday sales again.

  • Clive

    This Samsung Galaxy S7 32GB smartphone in black onyx offer ends September 1st, 2016. For £40.99 with NO upfront costs you get the smartphone, 5GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts as well as EU allowance.

  • Lenny

    4GEE ACTION CAM is only £9.99 upfront, £15 per month with 2GB data – thats a saving of 10% according to the EE website.

  • Chris

    The officila EE Black Friday page has now gone live, and yes you are right they are saying it is going to be bigger and better.

  • batman

    I work for EE and as of yet we have heard nothing about black friday. oh and if you are planning on getting a contract with EE wait until oct 21st. they have a new plan coming out then. it costs £80 but if u get a share plan and get someone else it will only cost 40 and you can spilt 50GB of data and upgrade free every 12 months plus loads of extras

  • Jennifer

    The EE UK No Brainers deals need to be slashed even more for Black Friday, I would rather be paying £20 per month for unlimited texts and minutes with 2GB of 4G data rather than the current £24.99 on the Samsung Galaxy A3.

  • Hayward

    You can get the Sony Xperia Z5 with no upfront costs if you are an existing customer on a £39.99 a month plan, but can this monthly plan price come down a little for Black Friday 2015?

  • Courtney

    Is the EE UK deals going to happen before November 27 when Black Friday falls? Would be good to see pre-Black Friday discounts as a teaser.

  • Anil

    I would very much love to get my hands on the iPhone 6S with a very cheap monthly contract that I could afford, but my guess is there will be high prices or restrictions.