Electric Scooter deals for kids

Buying a gift for your child can be very hard, so what about something different and unusual. This page will be dedicated to electric scooter deals for kids of all ages in time for Black Friday UK discounts. Christmas, birthdays, no matter what the occasion scooters are very popular toys in the shopping market.

There are many types of electric scooters to choose from such as standard stand up ones, seated, kick, stunt and three-wheeled scooters. They are very sturdy, ergonomically designed and fairly safe dependent on how your kids ride them. If your child is going to use for long periods then the seated models are more comfortable, but it depends on what you want, style, cost etc.

Scooters for kids can reach up to speeds of 15 mph; this can be a lot lower for younger kids. Some of the most popular kids scooters on the market include the Razor E300, E100, One Direction 24V model with a seat, plus the Chad Valley 6V and Zinc Volt 80 E. If you have found an electric scooter deal please do list it below.