GoPro Action Camera deals

When it comes to GoPro action camera deals throughout the year they are rather scarce, but when they do pop up you can be sure they will be listed here on BFUK. In a way GoPro is a little like Apple with lack of offers and prices normally stay around the ballpark figure across all retailers.

You will be able to save on GoPro cameras during the Black Friday sale event here in the UK, some of the latest models include the Hero, Hero+ and LCD versions, plus there are the Hero 4 Session, Black and Silver. Obviously you can still buy the older versions such as the GoPro Hero 3 etc as these are still very good to use.

The cameras are designed to be taken just about anywhere, being it walking up a mountain, placed upon your motorcycle helmet or bike when you go out for a ride. You can be skating, diving, surfing, cycling, no matter what you like doing you can record your progress as well as take pictures.