IKEA UK Black Friday 2020 Deals

IKEA UK customers are always led counter clockwise within stores, normally in a one-way direction. But, no matter what you need for your home they will always have what you require, and they are the masters when it comes to storage options in your home being it the kitchen, bedroom etc. And the IKEA UK Black Friday sale begins we will lead you in the best direction for all the top deals so you do not miss out.

The holiday season is coming so it makes sense to start preparing for Christmas, so now is the right time to buy all you need to make things a little festive by shopping the best Black Friday deals over at IKEA online or in store.

IKEA has everything from modern home furniture, home entertainment cabinets, TV stands, sofas, coffee and dining tables. They also have linens, curtains, bedding, lighting, all sorts of products for the bedroom, living room, bathroom, bedroom, dining room, as well as items for children and more. Do NOT miss the biggest sale of the year, stay with BFUK for all the updates you need on IKEA UK Black Friday offers.

IKEA UK Black Friday Deals:

IKEA in the UK did not take part in the Black Friday sale last year, as far as we know they will not be taking part this year either. But any sale they do partake in will be listed on the official website here.

IKEA UK Black Friday insight for 2020

If deals and ads have been revealed, then reports will be below.

Seen IKEA UK sales? Share details with Black Friday UK readers:

  • Jess

    Another year and yes 2017 is going to be the same as last year – NO IKEA Black Friday sale again – sorryyyyy…

  • Clive

    As anyone got any ideas if Ikea will be taking part this year?

  • Simon

    I have a sneaky feeling that IKEA will NOT be taking part in the Black Friday 2016 sale.

  • Bev

    IKEA never seems to have a sale on, maybe they believe they are cheap enough and busy enough.. Would very much like a great deal on a new sofa and coffee table.

  • Rose

    Seeing as IKEA UK did not take part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, will they be taking part in any sale over Christmas period such as the Boxing Day sale or even the January sales?

  • Irwin

    What a shame that is IKEA not taking part in the Black Friday sales, i was looking forward to this in the UK. At least we know now it is not happening, no need to sit on the website like an idiot waiting for the sale to begin.

  • Manny

    Well that was rubbish news to wake up on, Ikea not doing Black Friday that is such a shame. But suppose i can understand why, stores is HUGE and they would have to get loads more staff and security for the mayhem.

  • Justin

    What are the opening and closing IKEA hours in the UK on Black Friday?

  • Malcom

    I am looking for any type of IKEA furniture for my house, i want ones that have good storage. Roll on Black Friday because i will be able to get more for my money.

  • Mark

    I have just seen a TV bench for the living room priced at £200 – Will this BESTA BURS high gloss white stand go on the Black Friday list?

  • Keith

    There is no dedicated IKEA UK Black Friday page, so I am so glad i found you guys. Looking forward to all the deals about to come soon.