Lidl Black Friday 2020 Deals

Lidl are not ones for really having specific Black Friday deals, but what they do offer its customers are great bargains everyday. Even though they do not label it Black Friday you can bet they will have some amazing offers to get you shopping.

They have many other special events on such as the Lidl Half Price Weekend, which no doubt will fall on the same weekend as the Black Friday event. Whatever way you look at it, if there is going to be a sale event or any deals you can be sure they will be listed here.

Do you think Lidl should take part in the Black Friday UK sale event this year? Remember, all the deals listed here on in-store only.

Lidl Black Friday Deals:

Lidl do not really have specific Black Friday deals, they simply offer its customers great deals every week. Lets hope they bring the half price weekend during the sale event.

Lidl Black Friday insight for 2020

If deals and ads have been revealed, then reports will be below.

Seen Lidl sales? Share details with Black Friday UK readers:

  • Carla

    Is Lidle going to do anything special on Black Friday? I know they do not take part in the name but surely they will have something special.

  • Jane

    The Lidl Car Essentials sale is on tomorrow, on the same day the Kids Rainwear and Flower Market sales are on as well.

  • Daria

    At the moment in-store Lidl is cutting prices. Garlic normally 79p for 200g is now just 59p, wild rocket reduced from 89p down to 59p, mango from 69p each to 59p and speciality broccoli down to just 59p from £1.09.

  • Chris

    There will be deals on November 25, 2016 you can be sure. Lidl throughout the year have great knockdown prices added.