Next Black Friday 2020 Deals

Next Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday offers will be ever so popular here in the UK, if you are looking for amazing discounts and deals like you have never seen them before then bookmark this page. Next is one of the best when it comes to providing its customers with home products, footwear, accessories and clothing, and from November the big BF will begin but will they be taking part?

There are now over 700 stores with over 500 being in the UK and Ireland and the rest on the Middle East, Asia and continental Europe. But it is the website people flock to when Black Friday and Cyber Monday occurs; this is where Next prices are super low.

If you are looking for kids, men’s or women’s clothes, shoes or even home furniture please do remember this Next Black Friday UK page because many deals will be added. This is going to be great.

Next Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals:

Next UK Black Friday sale if and when live will show up on the official website and of course updates will be shown below in our comments.

Next Black Friday insight for 2020

If deals and ads have been revealed, then reports will be below.

Seen Next sales? Share details with Black Friday UK readers:

  • Slater

    Loving the new Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse The Struggle `is Real Sleep T they have in. Just a shame its like £14 ok its for adults but still £14.

  • Glenda

    wow the Black Quilted Chukka Boots for the younger boy price has been slashed from £19.00 down to just £5.50.

  • Rach

    I just saw that Next is selling a navy shark swim shorts and vest as a two piece set for boys at only £4.50, original price was £15.

  • Carlise

    There are over 670 Black Friday items over on Next for sale, and I mean the prices are super low.

  • Mark

    This is very exciting stuff, NEXT UK have just confirmed they will be taking part this year in the Black Friday sale, which is the first time they have done so… More updates coming soon, I heard this via Money Saver Online Facebook page.

  • Elizabeth

    Under the Next clearance section on the official website you can buy the Red Floral Bardot Bodycon Dress for only £18.00 reduced from £40.

  • Royce

    The Next UK Clearance Sale is great, most items are half price or less.

  • Paul

    Yoiu can bet your bottom pound that Next will be taking part in the UK Black Friday Sale…

  • John

    Seeing as Next did not take part in Black Friday and not taking part in Cyber Monday, are they doing any kids on in-store deals tomorrow?

  • Carlos

    Nor are they taking part in the Cyber Monday sale.

  • Klien

    Next UK is NOT going to be taking part in this years (2016) Black Friday sale event.

  • Rosey

    I adore the cute Ecru Floral Print Prom Dress And Knickers (code – 721-588), Babies will look so cute in this and the parents pocket will look healthier at just £8.50 reduced from £17.

  • Janice

    I called them and they are not giving anything away. I know they are going to take part its just a matter of when, being it just the Friday only or the whole week.

  • Charlotte

    I so love this very pretty Mint Knitted Dress (Code number 102-327), this is for my little girl, it was £13 but now only £6.50.

  • Adrian

    No sign of any Black Friday sale coming in 2016 on the Next UK website, have you any idea when the the preview ads will go live?

  • Tara

    When is the next big NEXT online sale? There hasn’t been a big sale for ages now, maybe its roll on Black Friday I guess.

  • Kelsea

    This is so disappointing, i was so looking forward at going to the store for major discounts. Not happy about this will have to find better bargains elsewhere.

  • Trace

    Hopeing to see the Faux Fur Long Boots on sale in a few weeks, if they are £100 now it would be good to see them at half price on black friday.

  • Dawnie

    I would really like the Black Merino Wool Cardigan, they are £50 now for women but would be better if you buy one get one half price or something.

  • Cara

    Is Next doing in-store and online Black Friday deals, or just online only?

  • Kate

    Will Next be opening its doors earlier than normal on Black Friday? This would be very good to know as i could then shop before going to work.

  • Matthew

    I so need a new sofa so please hurry up November so the BF deals can begin. I will be watching like a hawk to keep is the wife’s brownie point book.

  • Simon

    Many websites already have a black friday hub on its websites, where is Next’s?