Peppa Pig toys and plush deals

Welcome to the best Peppa Pig toys and plush Black Friday deals page, follow your adventure with Peppa, friends and family. All of her friends are made up of different animals, and we here on BFUK are a different kind of deals page where we dedicate every sale price to do with the popular kids figure.

The way the names work is simple, all the pigs have pig at the end of their name, such as Peppa Pig, Mummy pig, all the rabbits have rabbit at the end of their name etc. All characters speak in English and act human like; children love all the characters but its Peppa Pig that steals the show.

Following the preschool animated TV show there are many Peppa Pig toys such as soft plus toys, figures, playsets, learning & activity toys, educational computers, clay and play doh and so much more.

Some of the most popular toys include Peppa Pig 12-inch talking plush toy, as well as the Hide N Seek cuddly toy. Other items include the Peppa Pig Kitchen, Aquadoodle, Holiday Time Grandpa Pig’s Boat and anything to do with cars. Watch the list grow below, if you come across any Peppa Pig toys and plush items with a discount please list them in the comments.