Primark Black Friday 2020 Deals

Primark houses products for men, women and kids, as well have having home and beauty items. In the UK alone there are 167 stores selling clothing, shoes, underwear, suits, swimwear and so much more. Back in 2014 Primark did not do Black Friday or hold any other event, so customers are hoping they will looking forwards.

Customers are eager that Primark take on board the Black Friday event in the UK, many other stores have already done major sales in 2014 and will carry on the new tradition each year.

We here at ‘Black Friday UK’ have decided to create this dedicated Primark BF UK landing page just for you, so when they do add products on sale we will list them right here. This is also a place where you can have your say, being it asking questions or letting us know about any deals you come across.

Primark Black Friday Deals:

Sadly Primark will not be taking part in the Black Friday sales this year. This is not a bad thing because they always have deals on throughout the year and their prices are already very low on most products anyway.

Primark Black Friday insight for 2020

If deals and ads have been revealed, then reports will be below.

Seen Primark sales? Share details with Black Friday UK readers:

  • Jolene

    As we all know Primark will not be taking part, I am just hoping they surprise us with a sale of some sort.

  • Bethany

    Primark is already a discount store I know and they are not taking part again this year, but please let there be many more Harry Potter items this year in store..

  • Josephine

    Even though Primark will not be taking part in the Black Friday sales they still have some amazing deals to be had – I will be looking out for Harry Potter bargains.

  • Mark

    According to Facebook Page Money Saver Online >> Primark Black Friday is Coming!!! They report that one of their insiders said Primark will be doing what they call ‘Special Buys’ for Black Friday. These items will include the Mickey and Minnie Mouse hot water bottles £6, Cogsworth Clock £10, Chip backpack £10, Unicorn hoody throw £14 and Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore Mug Gift Sets £6 each. All stores will be stocking the above items but will be limited in stock – all items will be for sale on Black Friday November 24th when the stores open.

  • Belinda

    It is such a shame but then again the Primark store is already a discounted one with low prices. They say they do not need to take part and I actually agree.

  • Carolyn

    Primark like last year and the year before will NOT be taking part. But you can always keep your fingers crossed because there is always the first time.

  • Simon

    Is Primark taking part in the Black Friday sale this year????

  • Carla

    The Primark in Bristol near Cabot Circus is still selling the Disney Bambi Hooded Throw for £16, has anyone seen these cheaper elsewhere?

  • Jason

    I went to Primark today and bought a Batman t-shirt that lets you play with the changing sequins, stroke upwards and get one batman logo and down you get another, it was only £6. Perfect for my little son….

  • Diane

    Harry Potter clothing prices have been knocked down to just £5 in Primark, this deal is only in select stores so keep an eye out.

  • Jenny

    Just heard fro someone that works at Primark that they will offering mark downs for Black Friday even though its not called Black Friday. I am guessing this will be in store only, I believe it will be just a promotions mark down sale.

  • Nick

    Does anyone agree with me that Primark should shock everyone and start a Black Friday sale and call it something like Black Primarni Event?

  • Josh

    Primark for yet another year will not be taking part in the Black Friday 2016 sale.

  • Kalvin

    It would be great news if Primark took art in this years Black Friday sales. Do something different this year and show people how deals are done.

  • Charlotte

    I am guessing like 2015 Primark will NOT be holding its UK Black Friday event?

  • Shella McAntire

    They will be only selling the gear they can’t shift off throughout the year as well as unbranded products. Black Friday is basically a con. Wait for boxing sell, you will get stuff worth you money.

  • Lure Smith

    What do you expect from a cheaply made clothing company?

  • courts

    They have put some items on sale cheap and they have done discounts but not many

  • Diana

    why have PrimarkUK decided not to join BF? I think that’s very bad for customer service & satisfaction!!

  • Justin

    I was looking forward to a good online deal from Primark, I think they should have taken part in Black Friday in store because it would have been amazing. Super low prices at Primark would have gone down a treat.

  • Ariel

    Well that is a shame they will not be doing the Black Friday sales at all, guess their prices are low enough as it is then and if they drop anymore they will not make a profit.

  • Grant

    This is really good news that one store is taking part in Black Friday, this hopefully means many other stores will follow suit.

  • Traci

    I am so hoping they will, even though stuff is already affordable it makes things so much better when things are cheaper. More sales more people through the door, if they can handle it that is.

  • lori

    There clothes are cheap enough so why have a big sale event like black friday.

  • Becky

    I think Primark does OK on things such as Frozen movie gear, and when other movies are really good they seem to sell stuff around that and that is what boots sales.