PS4 and Xbox One console bundle deals

The PS4 Pro Vs Xbox One S deals battle has only just started and will likely continue until we see a PS5, or Xbox Two, arrive. With this in-mind, the Black Friday PS4 and Xbox One console bundle deals in 2016 will be needed more than ever now that more gamers are ready to upgrade to the latest consoles.

We have in the past during this sale week seen plenty of bundle deals Grand Theft Auto V and The Last of Us: Remastered packaged, gift cards, and the top first person shooter titles. The price difference between Xbox One and PS4 bundles wasn’t a lot, but you could find a £50 gap in some situations with similar bundles.

This year we have seen price cuts to both PS4 and Xbox One, so when looking for that Black Friday 2016 console bundle you will save even more money compared to last year. We expected Xbox One and PS4 deals to be closely matched, even more so in 2016.

Best Black Friday deals with PS4/Xbox One bundles – If you are looking for the biggest discounts, then make sure you go for a bundle. You won’t see much off with console only prices, although if you are willing to pay a little more than a packaged deal will bring some impressive discounts. Head to the likes of GAME, Smyths, Tesco and Asda for the best package deals.

Make sure you shop around and checkout the most popular store pages on Black Friday UK, as we will be listing the best deals as they arrive. You can expect better deals than last year due to price changes and increased interest in Black Friday for the UK.