PS4 price drop before UK Black Friday deals

Seems like a lot of confusion has set in after the new Sony PS4 price drop before UK Black Friday deals. Sony have always looked at ways to make its customers even more happy, and what better way than dropping the price of the 500GB PlayStation 4.

As of today Wednesday October 21, 2015 Sony will be offering the 500GB PS4 for only £299.99 RRP, they also have many bundle deals some with games, others of the limited edition type and much more. Please visit the Sony PlayStation blog for more information.

After looking at some of the comments over on the official PlayStation blog it seems a few people are a little miffed with the new price drop. One reader said they were confused about the new price drop because they purchased their PS4 with Ground Zeroes, Knack and Tomb Raider for only £319 via Grainger.

Another reader said they bought the 500GB PS4 for only £299 and that came with the Now TV Pass and FIFA 16.

The question Black Friday UK readers is, “Will you be buying the 500GB Sony PS4 with the new price cut, or will you wait for the Black Friday sales next month in case it goes even cheaper?

The PS4 will go on sale come Black Friday via stores such as Sony, Amazon, as well as Argos, Asda, Currys PC World and Game UK among others.

  • Jane

    What you have to remember this is a price cut for Sony, but retailers will always offer the PS4 at a cheaper price.

  • Wayne

    I paid just £260 pounds for the PS4 500GB console with nothing else, so thats cheaper than the new price drop.

  • Marcus

    Yeah this is really confusing because i paid just a little over £300 for the 500 gig PS4 with FIFA 16 and an extra controller.