Sainsburys Black Friday 2016 Deals

The Sainsbury’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale countdown is all set and will reveal many great deals that will blow you away. Near the end of November you will be able to visit Sainsbury’s and see all the crazy deals and offers to save you money, which is just in time for Christmas.

Sainsburys Black Friday

In recent years Sainsbury’s saved customers a whole load of money when they put deals online that had people flocking to the buy button. Majority of products will be limited to one per customer so we recommend you bookmarking this Black Friday UK page so you do not miss out. One year Sainsbury’s offered the 40-inch Blaupunkt LED TV full HD for only a mere £149.99, the original price was £299.99. Are you ready to shop the Sainsbury’s Black Friday bonanza?

Sainsbury’s Black Friday Deals:

For all deals please visit the official Sainsbury’s Black Friday page, if they do decide to take part in the Cyber Monday sale event as well then we are sure updates will be listed here.

Deals IN-Store ONLY 2016 –

Dyson V6


Buy the Dyson V6 vacuum for just £185 reduced from £300. This one is balanced for handheld use and is cordless, which makes it very portable indeed.

Blaupunkt 40″ HD Freeview TV


Reduced from £220 down to £150 is the Blaupunkt 40-inch Full HD 1080p TV with built-in Freeview HD tuner as well as many ports.

Nutri Ninja auto IQ BL480


Black Friday is always a good sale and the Nutri Ninja auto IQ BL480 , which is perfect for making health drinks and shakes etc with a detachable on-the-go bottle has dropped in price from £120 to £70.

Acer Aspire Celeron 14″ Laptop


The Acer aspire celeron 14-inch laptop with Windows 10, 2GB Ram and a 500GB Hard Drive was £229 but Now £179.

Celcus 32″ HD ready Freeview TV


Celcus 32-inch HD ready Freeview TV was £150 but been reduced to only £100, that is a £50 saving, which in our books is a great Black Friday deal.

Linx 12.2″ Tablet


There is nothing better than saving money when shopping at Sainsbury’s, and to make your day go better they are offering in-store the 12-inch Linx Tablet with Quad Core Intel Atom x5 processor and Windows 10. But thanks to a £100 price cut its its now only £229.

Kitvision Edge HD10 Action Camera


The price of the Kitvision Edge HD10 Action Camera Was £150 but Now £70 thank to the in-store Black Friday sale.

Goodmans Bluetooth Soundbar


No need to pay £90 when you can PAY ONLY £50 for the Goodmans Bluetooth Soundbar, get shopping in store at Sainsbury’s on November 25th. Please do make sure you check your nearest store to see if they are doing deal for its only select stores selling it.

JVC wireless Bluetooth Headphones


You can wirelessly connect to your mobile device using Bluetooth with the JVC wireless Bluetooth Headphones, these have up to 10 hours playback and also comes with a bass boost mode. Price Was £50 Now Only £25.

Sharp 20L Digital Microwave


On November 25th you will be able to buy in store the Sharp 20L Digital Microwave with 8 functions, touch controls and more for only £40 reduced from £70.

Philips Steam Generator Iron


The Philips Steam Generator Iron with Steam Boost, smart control processor is great for those that love to iron fast. Thanks to a £100 saving this product is NOW £100.

NOW TV Packages


The NOW TV Box with Sky Cinema 2 month pass, NOW TV with Sky Entertainment 3 month pass and the NOW TV v2 with Sky Kids 4 month pass are all priced at £12.50 each down from £25.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare


Sainsbury’s will be selling the awesome Call of Duty Infinite Warfare game for both Ps4 and Xbox One in select stores from November 25th for ONLY £23.99. This is a super bargain price not to be missed.

Sainsburys Black Friday insight for 2016

If deals and ads have been revealed, then reports will be below.

Seen Sainsburys sales? Share details with Black Friday UK readers:

  • Patrick

    Seeing as they did IN-Store deals on this Black Friday how about they mix it up and do IN STORE Cyber Monday deals, that would be good and a shock to other competitors.

  • Teresa

    I am not too sure if Sainbury’s are taking part in Cyber Monday, I cannot seem to find any page on their website to suggest they are.

  • John

    I have heard from someone that Sainsbury’s are going to sell the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for just £23.99 during the Black Friday sale tomorrow November 25th, apparently it is only going to be a deal at this price IN_STORE only.

  • Donato

    The Sainsburys Black Friday preview page has gone live and many products have the price coming soon stamped on it. Products that are listed include the DYSON V6, Blaupunkt 40″ HD Freeview TV, Nutri Ninja auto IQ BL480, Acer aspire celeron 14″ laptop, Celcus 32″ HD ready Freeview TV, Linx 12.2″ tablet, Kitvision Edge HD10 action camera, as well as the Goodmans Bluetooth soundbar, JVC wireless Bluetooth headphones, Sharp 20L digital microwave, Philips steam generator iron, NOW TV Box – Sky Cinema 2 month pass, NOW TV – Sky Entertainment 3 month pass and the NOW TV v2 – Sky Kids 4 month pass.

  • Mary

    The Sainsburys 2016 Black Friday ad has not yet gone live. Any ideas if they are taking part this year? I know ASDA will not be, I am hoping other chains do not follow suit.

  • Leanne

    Last year they revealed 2 days before Black Friday, so guess this year you we will have to wait until November 23rd.

  • Tara

    No sign of the sainsburys Black Friday ad yet online, thought they would have let us know by now.

  • Peter

    It is BBQ weather and when the sun does beat down why not buy some BBQ food and have a glass of Pimms etc. Sainsbury’s has a great selection with reasonable pricing.

  • Belinda

    I have just saved a lot of money thanks the the Sainsbury’s Tu clothing sale. I purchased a fair few items spending over £100 but I got a lot. For example I bought the Multicoloured Floral Linen Dress for just £11 reduced from £22.

  • Mark (Editor)

    How buetiful is this, a white with black polka dot spotted girls dress for just £4. It is for ages 9 months to 5 years.

  • Christina

    I just bought my daughter a lovely Grey Floral Print Pyjama Set thanks to the half price sale, it was £12 but i just paid £6.

  • Brian

    Get 2 for 1 tickets to Thorpe Park Resorts or The Dungeos with Baked Beans at Sainsbury’s. All you need to do is Step 1 Add a promotional pack of Branston Beans to your trolley and checkout as per normal Step 2 Locate the unique code within your pack Step 3 Visit the website above to redeem your voucher

  • Lisa

    Thanks to the summer coming Sainsbury’s is going to give away 10 times more point than they normally do. Get ready for more Nectar points on health & beauty holiday essentials

  • Patrick

    What time are the online deals going live, will it be 6am like the stores?

  • Jasmine

    Half price on the Polaroid 40x camera now only £75 from £150 is great, hurry up Frday is all i say because i want this one.

  • Lucas

    What sort of deals will show up on the Sainsburys Black Friday sale list?

  • Kathleen

    Has anyone watched the new Mog the Cat sainsburys video titled “Mog’s Christmas Calamity” which is the official Christmas advert for 2015?

  • Erica

    The Black Friday sale will begin on the 27th and run until the 29th, but this can change apparently.

  • Timmy

    What are Sainsbury’s opening times on Black Friday?

  • Malcom

    I remember buying an Amazon Kindle for like £30 odd, cannot remember the exact amount but it was a lot cheaper than the full price.

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