Treadmill deals

Get ready for the best Black Friday treadmill deals where prices will be slashed, now you can really do the treadmill dance because your pocket is going to be so much better. The biggest shopping week of the year is near and all the deals and sales will be shown here, so get ready for major discounts.

Treadmills are what we would put in the big-ticket category, and higher the price bigger the discount. The Black Friday treadmill sales are going to really impress, popular names such as the NordicTrack and Proform treadmills are very good, such as the Proform 12.0 TT, Sole F80 and more.

You can do treadmill workouts to lose weight or just get fit; whatever takes your fancy. What we know is you will really fancy the treadmill deals popping up here. Keep checking back for updates, as Black Friday gets close so will the offers.

  • Jason

    Save £500 on the Horizon T4000 Premier Folding Treadmill at the Fitness Superstore online, if you search product code HOTRT4000 you will need only pay £999.99.

  • Charley

    is there anywhere cheaper than Argos selling the Reebok irun treadmill, the one at Argos is like £599.99 and I would prefer a ot cheaper than that if possible.

  • Jessica

    Yiu can get less than half price off on the Reebok One GT40S Treadmill, it was £1099.99 but now only £499.99. Just head on over to Argos online and search product code 232/9710.

  • Ivan

    if you buy the Reebok ZR8 Treadmill via Argos right now you will save around half price, it was £999.99 but you need only pay £399.99. Search Argos with this product code – 335/9019

  • Nate

    Special bouy reduced to clear at John Lewis is the ‘John Lewis JLT Treadmill’ priced at only £649 down form £799.

  • Rosaile

    Argos is selling for less than half price the Roger Black Plus treadmill for £279.99, it was £599.99, just search Argos with this number – 309/8459.

  • Tori

    Save £200 on the motorised folding Tunturi GO Run 10 with Tesco, now only £600.

  • Nicco

    I am looking for John Lewis treadmill deals.

  • Menny

    I am hoping there will be a Argos treadmill Black Friday sale.

  • Matt

    How much can i expect to pay for a sole f80 treadmill?

  • LA

    Its like £400 for the JLL S300 digital treadmill and I just cannot afford this, if it was half that price then they will be snapped up.

  • Krislyn

    I have been looking for a treadmill for a while now, probs about 6 months. But its the price scaring me away for purchasing one, once the price is low enough then i will get one. Please offer like 45+% off treadmills here.